• ClimaAdapt is a research programme that focuses on climate change adaptation in agriculture in India. The programme aims at strengthening the links between research, innovation and capacity building, and strongly focuses on stakeholder engagement.

  • ClimaAdapt is an integrated science-stakeholder-policy approach to develop adaptation framework for water and agriculture sectors.

  • Climate smart agriculture: ClimaAdapt aims to implement adaptation measures, develop methods for upscaling, and improve capacity of stakeholders to address climate change impacts.

  • Climate smart agriculture: ClimaAdapt aims to implement adaptation measures and develop methods for upscaling

Latest updates


Joint campaign to promote alternative livelihoods

Ponnaniar, Tamil Nadu state, on 9th Sept. 2016: The ClimaAdapt team has joined forces with the Department of Agriculture and Animal husbandry in Tamil Nadu state to popularize Azolla and Country chicken cultivation in Ponnaniar basin

weather station

Weather Insurance for Risk Management in Agriculture

Hyderabad, Telangana State, on 10th Aug. 2016: Workshop on Weather Index Insurance for Agricultural Risk Management organised at Walamtari


Developing scaling strategies for ClimaAdapt

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, April 11-22nd 2016: A 3 day workshop was organized at MSSRF for developing a scaling up and scaling out plan for ClimaAdapt project


Village Knowledge Centre in Balajinagar Thanda

Balajinagar Thanda, Nalgonda District, Telangana State March 2nd 2016: Field visit to VKC by Royal Embassy of Norway

Project partners